The Faces of Love

(Pronounced “SHAD-ah-ghee”)

A small, hobby kennel originating in Western New York and currently in Western Massachusetts.  We emphasize quality over quantity and believe Irish Setters  should be well-rounded, training in hunting, agility, obedience, tracking and most recently, lure coursing. 

For the Love of the Breed.

The home of the top winning Irish Setter in the history of the breed, GCh. AM/CAN Ch. Shadagee Caught Red Handed. Emily left us in October, 2019.  25 years of experience and very limited breeding led us to the gift of our ”Red Litter”, remarkably consistent and beautiful  puppies.  They not only had an incredible history of wins, they were beloved by their owners and lived long and happy lives.

There are dogs no less beloved before and after them, all instrumental in the learning process of improving the breed.  We care less about the competitive side of dogs and more about the health and preservation of the breed. 

At this time, we are not breeding and have no dogs available. 

Our Dogs

Ch  Quailfield True Love - MacKenzie
Ch  Quailfield Irish Moss - Quinn

Shadagee Saints be Praised NA, NAJ -  Nelson

Ch. Jewelset Sunnyside Up - Summer

GCh  Shadagee Caught Red Handed - Emily 

Ch. Shadagee  Red Delicious -Apple 

Ch. Shadagee Red Letter Day - Irish 

Ch. Shadagee One Red Scent - Emmet 

Ch. Shadagee Red Reflection of Kerry Eire - Jonas

Shadagee Over my Red Body - Molly

Shadagee Red Lingerie - Scarlett

Shadagee Paint the Town Red -Ceara

Ch  Shadagee Red Headed Gallagher -Clare

Shadagee - Dublin

Shadagee One For All - Hendricks 

Evergreen Shadagee One More for Shamrok -Kaylee

Shadagee Irish Setters

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