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From small places come wonderful things.

Shadagee Irish Setters started in Western New York as a small, hobby kennel in 1992. The focus was diversity, as we learned the basics of conformation, obedience, agility and hunting. In 2002, we acquired our foundation bitch, Ch. Jewelset Sunnyside Up (Summer) from Julie Waters, Kim Velettri and Sharon Reilly.  God smiled on us when she was bred to Ch. Kerry Eire Believable (Timothy) in 2006. The Red Litter was born on November 15th. 7 girls and 3 boys came into the world and life changed forever.  People work and study for years in hopes of breeding a once in a lifetime dog. Emily seemingly dropped from the sky, hit the ground running and never stopped, leaving a trail of pink and green, then purple and gold, then red, white & blue in her wake. It was a journey like no other.  

We hope you will enjoy sharing some of it with us as we reminisce about things large and small, and dogs famous and obscure, all of them loved and cherished no matter what their achievements.  

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(We are not actively breeding at this time)

If you are searching for an Irish Setter, we suggest you head to www.irishsetterclub.org , the website for the Irish Setter Club of America. They maintain a national list of breeders wh subscribe to the club’s code of ethics.  

Shadagee Irish Setters

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